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Green Teacher 100, Summer 2013

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Connecting With Bugs by John Guyton and Lois Connington (Free article)

Use children’s natural curiosity about insects to ignite a passion for science and the natural world

An Outdoor Play and Learn Area by Amanda Gebicki and Alison Reilly

This unique elementary school playground helps kids learn about science and the environment while having fun and keeping active

New Country, New Home, New Nature by Adrienne Blattel

Welcoming immigrants through an intercultural outdoor recreation

Investigating River Quarrying by Vincente C. Handa, Aris C. Larroder, Lourdes N. Morano, Deborah J. Tippins and Susan G. Harper

Applying the lessons learned from a river in the Philippines to engage 10-15 year olds in learning about water quality and ecological justice at a river near you

Beyond Eco-Footprints: Using the STEM Process by Cornelia Harris, Alan R. Berkowitz, Megan McLean and Kim Notin

Getting K-12 students involved in all stages of the greening process in their schools

World as ‘Lasting Storm’: Educating for Disaster Risk Reduction by David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa (Free article)

Now recognized globally as an important and urgent educational focus, here is a framework and six activities to enable you to educate for disaster risk reduction

Wildlife Olympics by Lois Nixon

A series of activities that teach young school children about wildlife by mimicking the amazing feats of local animals

Sensory Learning by Jessica Pierson

Spark curiosity and engagement in your students by activating all of their senses


Educational Resources Reviewed

Climate Change, Children and Youth (UNICEF Canada)

Cry From a Silent Planet (John Rowland)

Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins (Ronald Orenstein)

A Wild Idea DVD (Veronica Moscoso)

A Nature Lover’s Almanac (Diane Olson) (website)

The Hungry Tide DVD (JOTZ Productions)

Island Schoolhouse: One Room for All (Eva Murray)

Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Futures (David Hicks)

Sustainable Food Systems guide (The Stop Community Food Centre)

Books for Young Readers:

Uumajut: Learn About Arctic Wildlife – Volumes 1 and 2 (Simon Awa, Anna Ziegler, and Stephanie McDonald)

Gopher to the Rescue! (Terry Catasus Jennings)

A Walk on the Tundra (Rebecca Hainnu and Anna Ziegler)

Am I an Insect? (Kristine Duehl)

Gobble Gobble (Cathryn Falwell)

Look Up! Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard (Annette LeBlanc Cate)

Sharks (Michael Bright)

Noisy Bug Sing-Along (John Himmelman)

Ten For Me (Barbara Mariconda)

What’s in the Garden? (Marianne Berkes)

If You Hold a Seed (Elly Mackay)

Here Come the Humpbacks! (April Pulley Sayre)

Around One Log (Anthony D. Fredericks)


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