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Review: “My Backyard” CD

Rosie Emery is a children’s singer-songwriter who knows her way around enjoyable, effective and educational storytelling. It seems effortless for her to create an upbeat and catchy melody that is particularly attractive to younger students. Her lyrics – which are included with the CD – encourage young children to notice their surroundings with wonder and insight. Most of the 16 songs in My Backyard focus on the insects, birds, mammals and other creatures that can be found as close as in one’s backyard. A few venture beyond this milieu to include sea turtles, sea horses and, on an even more exotic note, Lottie the Hippo. A few others venture into abstract concepts like ecological footprints, interconnection, and how you are what you eat. My personal favourite was the alliterative “Busy, Buzzing Bee.” It was fun to listen to but also quite informative about the habits, habitat and importance of bees. This cheery and positive album is strongly recommended for elementary school libraries.

 Rosie Emery, 2011, 16 song CD or mp3, US/C$9.99 from iTunes or

Reviewed by Grant Linney


From Green Teacher 99, Spring 2013.

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