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Green Commuting Challenge, by Duke Davidson (Ages 10-14; GT112)

Engineering to do Nothing, by Susan Lewicki (Ages 10-14; GT108)

A Lean Green Sun Harvesting Machine, by Mark Walker (All Ages; GT107)

Take the Green Challenge, by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser (Ages 6-14; GT107)

Let’s Build a Home: Sustainable Design Promotes Futures Thinking, by Paul Hackl (Ages 14-19; GT101)

Active Students, Passive Solar, by Nelson Lebo (Ages 5-12; GT101)

An Outdoor Play and Learn Area, by Amanda Gebicki and Alison Reilly (Ages 5-12; GT100)

Pedestrian City, by Josh Fullan (Ages 12-19; GT96)

Follow the Light Energy from the Sun, by Leah Duran and Katie Frey (Ages 5-12; GT95)

Star Power, by Michael J. Caduto (Ages 5-14; GT93)

Climate Change Treasure Hunt, by Chris Summerville (Ages 10-14; GT91)

Green Schools Programs, by Kate Hoffmann (All Ages; GT90)

Climate Change Education in Worcestershire Schools, by Rupert Brakspear (All Ages; GT90)

Acting Out Energy Forms, by Arianna Alexsandra Grindrod (Ages 6-14; GT87)

Designing a Sustainable Industrial Park, by Robert A. Sweeney and Phyllis A. Sweeney (Ages 14-19; GT78)

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