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Green Teacher 104, Fall 2014

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Science in Season by Naomi Dietzel Hershiser

Starting from what they know, k-8 students can become classroom phenologists with these observational activities

Sustainability Education and Media Literacy by Sox Sperry

Climate change can often provoke deep emotions in students. Instead of shying away, use these media literacy activities to foster discussions of what the future holds

Fracking: Unlocking the Great Debate by Bert Tulk (Free article)

The controversy behind hydraulic fracturing provides fuel for high school students to become critical thinkers

Twenty Minutes with a Mushroom by Jessica Pierson

Put the fun back in fungi with these three spore-filled activities

Organizing Youth Farmer’s Markets by Jamie Siebrase

Ten steps to running a youth farmer’s market

Five Tools for Classrooms Without Walls by Logan LeCompte (Free article)

The top five tools, and matching activities for taking elementary student learning outside – developed by REAL School Gardens

Every Species Has a Purpose by Wendy Brown with David Robinson

Help students understand the ecological importance of protecting precious wildlife

Wetland Warriors by Eric Diefenderfer

Foster environmental connections via this interdisciplinary, middle school project

Understanding Micro Particles in the Ocean by Dodie Sanders and Katelyn Hunt

A fun classroom activity that uses beach transects to help middle schoolers understand the impact of marine debris

Plant Wars: Invaders of the Lost Park by Daniella Rubeling

An unlikely partnership between a high school drama class and park interpreters sparked a unique and effective invasive species education program (reprinted from Teaching about Invasive Species)

Around the World: The Invasive Species Challenge by April Claus, Susie Moffett and Stacey Widenhofer (Free article)

This engaging outdoor activity uses different colored balls to explain the spread of invasive species, while encouraging problem-solving and team-building skills (reprinted from Teaching about Invasive Species)

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