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Green Teacher 114, Fall 2017

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Secrets to Snagging Great Science Partners by Jessica Zephyrs

It is easier than you think to build rewarding partnerships for outdoor education

Where Does our Food Come From? by Susan Rauchwerk

A lesson to help grade 3-8 students appreciate the impact our food system has on climate change

Finding Inspiration for Outdoor Learning by Herb Broda (Free Article)

A profile of an award-winning teacher’s strategies for getting all students in her school outdoors more often

Water Quality Field Trips by Jessica Harwood

As they watch wastewater being treated and test water quality in a stream near their school, high school and college students come to appreciate the importance of water quality

Rooting Readers in the Literary Garden by Jennifer McQuillan

How a Literary Garden turned a required high school English class into an exciting opportunity for students to dig literature outdoors

Tips to Start Off Your School Year by Elanor Waslander (Free Article)

How best to plan for school-wide environmental learning and action throughout the year

Let’s Talk Fracking by Samantha Rubright

Discussing complex energy issues with young people to foster a more sustainable energy future

Fostering Connections to Freshwater Ecosystems by Gabby Petrelli and Katie Larson

Activities that can inspire students in grades 3-12 to become environmental stewards and passionate problem solvers

Observation-Focused Nature Journaling by Danae Shipp

Tips and lesson ideas that help students notice the unexplored beauty of nature

STEM to STEAM and Citizen Science by Melissa Guillet

If elementary school kids are to become engaged with environmental protection, make it personal