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Teaching in the Outdoors

Small coverGreen Teacher has just released their very first ebook! Learn more about our French version, Apprentissage en Plein Air.

Teaching in the Outdoors is a compilation of the best articles that have ever appeared in Green Teacher on this topic. This resource provides a practical guide for getting students outdoors along with helpful suggestions for maximizing the learning experience when they get there. These seven articles will inspire grand plans but at the same time provide the direction and tools to begin the journey in small, manageable steps.

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Table of Contents

Tips and Tricks for Taking Kids Outside By Nalani McCutcheon and Andrea Swanson
A Recipe for Outdoor Classroom Management By Darius Kalvaitis
The Caboose Hike By Gloria Siers
Jumping Deadfall By Glenda Hanna
Field Trips: The Good, Bad and Ugly By Laura Woolf Haspela
No Accident: Successful Field Trips By Susan Snyder
Nighttime Adventures By Brad Daniel and Clifford Knapp

30 pages, ISBN: 978-0-9937753-0-7


Finally! Teachers have been looking for an accessible guide to outdoor teaching, one that identifies barriers and the bridges over those barriers  – and this collection of clever, thoughtful, and well-written articles gives them what they need. Kudos to Green Teacher, yet again! – Gareth Thomson, Executive Director, Alberta Council for Environmental Education

Teaching in the Outdoors brings together an easily digestible collection of inspiring ideas and simple hints that will help teachers look through the four walls of their classrooms, and see themselves teaching in the outdoor classroom. It is loaded with great practical advice for those who want to be comfortable stepping into the most accessible, rich, and overlooked cross-curricular resource there is – the natural world around you!  – Barbara McKean, Head of Education, Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario

We have known for years that experiences in nature help children to become healthier, happier and smarter. To encourage these outcomes, the editors of the highly respected and internationally acclaimed magazine, Green Teacher have created Teaching in the Outdoors. This new ebook contains a carefully selected compilation of articles that focus on practical suggestions and realistic situations that are a part of outdoor teaching. The result is a useful and “down-to-earth” resource for anyone engaged in outdoor learning—either on the school grounds, on a field trip, or as a resident camp experience.  – Herb Broda, Author of Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning, and Moving the Classroom Outdoors


Green Teacher‘s Teaching in the Outdoors is a must read for classroom teachers, non/informal educators, preservice teachers and parents alike. This practical and down-to-earth guide will help both new and seasoned educators successfully turn the outdoors into an engaging and hands-on learning laboratory.  – Laura Downey, Executive Director, Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

I have long wished for a clear and comprehensive resource to help give teachers confidence to carry their positive experiences in our district residential outdoor education program back to their own classroom teaching.  Teaching in the Outdoors is such a rich resource as it addresses both the fear and delight of teaching outdoors, and brings a variety of perspectives that will speak to a diversity of educators on what best practice outdoor learning looks, sounds and feels like and how to achieve it.  As a collection of articles that provide both practical and reflective insight, this book is a support both for my work training teachers in outdoor teaching, as well as in informing my own teaching practice. Thank you! – Margaret McKeon, Outdoor Education Coordinator, Newfoundland and Labrador English School District

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