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Teaching Teens about Climate Change

Print version                                            US/CDN $18.95   $14.95                      Purchase here

eBook version                                           US/CDN $8.99                                    Purchase here

Mobi and epub version                           US/CDN $10.99                                             -available from Smashwords

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Free Copy Winners

We’re excited to announce the publication of our newest book.  Teaching Teens about Climate Change is now available. You can take advantage of our incentive: the third purchaser from each province and state will receive their copy for free.  Click here for details.

If you peruse the Table of Contents, you will see that this 85-page book brings together 12 articles and activities from Green Teacher magazine to aid any educator in tackling this essential topic with high school-aged students. The activities have the capacity to take teens from despair to empowerment, help them appreciate the difference between cap and trade and carbon taxes, explore the environmental impacts of the tar sands, provide options for sustainable transportation, and much more.

Teaching Teens about Climate Change is available as a $10.99 ebook from Green Teacher, and as a smartphone-friendly epub from Smashwords. Print copies will cost $18.95 each.

We also offer significant discounts on bulk copy purchases. See below:

Pricing per PRINT copy    

Single copy: US/CDN $18.95 $14.95 (sale)      
2-10 copies: US/CDN $11.50
11-29 copies: US/CDN $10.50
30-49 copies: US/CDN $9.50
50-100 copies: US/CDN $8.99
100+ copies: US/CDN $7.99


Pricing per EBOOK copy   

Single copy: US/CDN $10.99
2-10 copies: US/CDN $9.50
11-29 copies: US/CDN $8.75
30-49 copies: US/CDN $7.95
50-100 copies: US/CDN $6.95 
100+ copies: US/CDN $5.95

Shipping rates and taxes:

To Canada: C$4.50 shipping plus $1.50 for each additional copy, plus GST/HST.
To the U.S.: US$4.50 shipping plus $1.50 for each additional copy, no tax.
To all other countries: C$6.85 surface mail; C$12.00 airmail, no tax. (Shipping rates on multiple copies being sent outside of Canada and the U.S. will vary by country. Please contact us and we will inform you of the shipping cost.)

Estimated Delivery Times for Green Teacher book parcels:
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Purchase orders are welcome (we will invoice you).

Credit card purchases:
Purchases made by credit card are in Canadian dollars because Green Teacher is located in Canada. Before transactions are finalized, all U.S. orders are adjusted to reflect price differences and that day’s exchange rate. However, when the total is converted back into U.S. dollars by the credit card company, it will end up being slightly different, depending on the exchange rate applied by Visa or MasterCard. If it is important that you be charged an exact amount in U.S dollars, we recommend paying by U.S.-dollar check (see “Order by mail,” #2 below).

How to order:

1. Order online. (If you wish to order more than one copy, please contact us directly using one of the options below. We regret that the online ordering system cannot apply discounts for multiple-copy orders.)

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