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Natural Colours from Plants, by Annamarie Hatcher (Ages 6-10; GT113)

To Unplug or Plug In, by R. Justin Hougham and Steve Kerlin (All Ages; GT111)

Role-Playing, Inquiry and Food Chains, by Autumn Doss (Ages 6-10; GT111)

Think Locally; Explore Globally, by Christa Dillabaugh, Terri Hebert and Kelly Keena (All Ages; GT110)

Kids Care About Caves!, by Abby Harris (Ages 14-19; GT 106)

Taking Kids to the Community, by Bob Coulter (All Ages; GT106)

When Nature Speaks, by Emma Gilbertson (Ages 6-10; GT99)

The Mystery of the Missing Mayflies, by Laney Heath (Ages 6-10; GT97)

An Inquiry Lesson in Resource Conservation, by Tiffany Hesser, Matthew Griffith and Victoria Raucci (Ages 6-10; GT90)

Environmental Project Learning, by Julie Tracy with Kathleen Glaser (Ages 6-10; Teaching Green: The Elementary Years)

Teaching Controversial Issues, by Patrick Clarke (Teaching Green: The High School Years)