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Community Development

STEM to STEAM and Citizen Science by Melissa Guillet (Ages 6-10; GT114)

Finding a Place for Science, by Sarah Hackworth and Ana Houseal (Ages 6-10; GT112)

Introducing Students to Landscape Architecture, by Karen Grajales (All ages; GT112)

Exploring Learning Stories, by Lotje Hives and Astrid Steele (All ages, GT111)

Rolling Stones and Catching Beetles, by Michel Anderson (Ages 6-10; GT111)

Venturing Beyond the School, by Salvatore Vascellaro (All ages, GT110)

The Giving of the Gardens, by Alison Elliot (Ages 10-14, GT110)

Fostering Youth Leadership in Urban Places, by Ethan Lowenstein, Lisa Voelker, Jonice Sylvester, Aniya Roundtree, Kianna Harris, Chad Segrist and Rebecca Nielsen (Ages 10-19, GT110)

Problems in Our Backyard, by Jennifer Cody, John Katunich, and Mark Kissling (Ages 6-10, GT110)

A Reel-y Authentic Food Truck, by Daisy Sharrock and Liz Perry (Ages 14-19, GT110)

Green Building: Tools For The Future, by Susy Ellison (Ages 14-19, GT110)

Uncaging Imagination with Guerilla Geography, by Thomas Larsen and Lisa Tabor (All ages; GT109)

Put Up a Paradise, by Alix Taylor (All ages; GT108)

Feeling the Heat, by Susan Ferguson (Ages 10-14; GT108)

Experiential Science Transforms Teens, by Bob Sharp (Ages 14-19; GT108)

Slow Cookers for Kidsby Dan Hendry (Ages 10-14; GT107)

Inspiring the Bioregional Imagination, by Patrick Howard (Ages 10-19; GT107)

Kids Care about Caves!, by Abby Harris (Ages 14-19; GT106)

Harvesting Life Lessons, by Carrie Koplinka-Loehr (Ages 14-19; GT106)

Organizing Youth Farmer’s Markets, by Jamie Siebrase (Ages 6-14; GT104)

Fostering Leadership for Sustainability, by Patricia Armstrong (Ages 12-19; GT101)

Pathways to Possibility, by Graeme Mitchell (Ages 14-19; GT101)

New Country, New Home, New Nature, by Adrienne Blattel (Ages 12-19; GT100)

Doing Business in Birmingham, by Pauline Roberts (Ages 11-14; GT99)

Training the Next Generation of Leaders, by Dave Bauer and Pamela A. Szalay (Ages 12-18; GT99)

Sustainability Education in Classrooms, by Laurence Myers (Ages 15-19; GT98)

Environmental Exploration and Youth Development, by Hallie Martenson and Jack Phillips (All Ages; GT98)

Children’s Rights and Climate Change, by Paula Gallo and Barbara Strang (Ages 11-19; GT97)

To Monitor or Not to Monitorby Dori L. Hess (Ages 14-19; GT97)

Food Justice Empowers Teenagers, by Gwendolyn Eden (Ages 15-19; GT96)

Environmental Education in Impoverished Communities, by Donald Hammond (Ages 15-19; GT96)

Beyond Disaster Relief, by Sandra Kiviaho (Ages 11-19; GT95)

Pedal-Power Outreach, by Courtney Howard (All ages; GT85)

School Food Gardens in Multicultural Inner-city Settings, by Sunday Harrison (All Ages; GT84)

Our Community Geoscapes: Living Sustainabilityby Tom Harding (Ages 11-14; GT84)

Imagine: Ecology and Teacher Education, by Veronica Gaylie (All Ages; GT84)

Stormwater Runoff: Understanding the Ecological Impacts of Changing Land Uses, by Joan Chadde (Ages 10-14; GT83)

Good Design Matters, by Edward T. McMahon (All Ages; GT82)

Community-Character Education, by Sandra Ryack-Bell (Ages 11-14; GT82)

Student Experts in Community Character, by Linda L. Rulison (Ages 10-14; GT82)

Using the Arts to Reclaim Community Pride, by Angie Cook (Ages 10-19; GT82)

Organizing Youth Environmental Summits, by Jane Eller (Ages 10-19; GT82)

Community Appearance: Opportunities in the Inner City, by Rebekah Greenwald (Ages 10-19; GT82)

Building with Nature, by Rosemary Martin-Moore (Ages 6-10; GT82)

Students as Town Planners, by Ted Mitchell (Ages 12-14; GT82)

Resolution to Advance Service-Learning, by Jerry T. Pharr, Jr. (Ages 12-18; GT82)

Environmental Service-learning Projects: Developing Skills for Action, by Lynne Dominguez and Mary Lou Schilling (Ages 10-19; GT76)

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