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Place-based Education

Finding Inspiration for Outdoor Learning by Herb Broda (All ages; GT114)

Finding a Place for Science, by Sarah Hackworth and Ana Houseal (ages 6-10; GT112)

To Unplug or Plug In, by R. Justin Hougham and Steve Kerlin (All ages; GT111)

Rolling Stones and Catching Beetles, by Michel Anderson (Ages 6-10; GT111)

Wild in the City, by Emily Stoeth (All ages; GT111)

Introduction to this Special Issue, by Amy Demarest (All ages; GT110)

Venturing Beyond the School, by Salvatore Vascellaro (All ages, GT110)

The Giving of the Gardens, by Alison Elliot (Ages 10-14, GT110)

Fostering Youth Leadership in Urban Places, by Ethan Lowenstein, Lisa Voelker, Jonice Sylvester, Aniya Roundtree, Kianna Harris, Chad Segrist and Rebecca Nielsen (Ages 10-19, GT110)

Think Locally; Explore Globally, by Christa Dillabaugh, Terri Hebert and Kelly Keena (All ages, GT110)

Problems In Our Backyard, by Jennifer Cody, John Katunich, and Mark Kissling (Ages 6-10, GT110)

The Bison Range Project, by Jennifer Ogden (Ages 6-14, GT110)

You Can Do It: Taking Kids Out of the Classroom, by Mallory Primm (Ages 6-10, GT110)

Igniting Curiosity With Pocket Museums, by John Paull (Ages 6-10, GT110)

Stewardship in Appalachia, by Jennifer L. Weible and Heather Toomey Zimmerman (Ages 10-19, GT110)

A Reel-y Authentic Food Truck, by Daisy Sharrock and Liz Perry (Ages 14-19, GT110)

Falling Anthropods and Citizen Science, by Daniel Shaw (Ages 6-10, GT110)

Green Building: Tools For the Future, by Susy Ellison (Ages 14-19, GT110)

 The Importance of Children’s Risky Play, by Morgan Yates and Mariana Brussoni (Ages 6-10; GT109)

Discoveries in Nature Boxes, by Megan Woolard Arredondo (Ages 6-10; GT109)

Citizen Science: Collecting Real-Life Data, by Cathy Scott (All ages; GT109)

Uncaging Imagination with Guerilla Geography, by Thomas Larsen and Lisa Tabor (All ages; GT109)

Integrated Social Justice Learning for Those At-Risk, by Natalie Zayas Delgado (Ages 10-19; GT109)

How to Float a Classroom, by Dayna McRoberts and Jen Guimaraes (All ages; GT109)

Natural Chemistry – Outdoors!, by Alexander Engl and Björn Risch (Ages 14-19; GT109)

Imaginative Ecological Education, by Gillian Judson (All ages; GT108)

STEM Learning in Your Own Backyard, by Brooke A. Whitworth, Stephanie Beyea and Melora Purell (Ages 10-14; GT108)

Experiential Science Transforms Teens, by Bob Sharp (Ages 14-19; GT108)

Living Deep & Sucking Out the Marrow, by Keith Badger (Ages 14-19; GT107)

Exploring by the Seat of Our Pants, by Joe Grabowski (All Ages; GT107)

Reading the World, Not Just the Words, by Amy Demarest (All Ages; GT106)

Taking Kids to the Community, By Bob Coulter (All Ages; GT106)

Kids Care about Caves!, by Abby Harris (Ages 14-19; GT106)

Wild Harvesting and Traditional Ecological Knowledge, by Kieran Dowling (Ages 6-12; GT101)

New Country, New Home, New Nature, by Adrienne Blattel (Ages 11-19; GT100)

Wildlife Olympics, by Lois Nixon (Ages 6-12; GT100)

When Nature Speaks, by Emma Gilbertson (Ages 6-12; GT99)

The Nature-Study Movement, by Kelly Johnson (Ages 6-14; GT99)

Hemlock Holmes: Tree Detective, by Emily Hogan (Ages 6-12; GT99)

Environmental Exploration and Youth Development, by Hallie Martenson and Jack Phillips (All Ages; GT98)

Ecological Literacy through Permaculture, by Nelson Lebo (All Ages; GT98)

Defending Place-Based Education, by Stephen Skoutajan (All Ages; GT97)

Hands-on Learning With Biochar, by Darlyn Wendlandt and Kelpie Wilson (All Ages; GT97)

Environmental Education in Impoverished Communities, by Donald Hammond (Ages 13-19; GT96)

Letterboxing, by Vivian Williams (All Ages; GT96)

Reflective Sit Spots, by Dave Strich (All Ages; GT95)

Watershed Stewardship through Hands-on Exploration, by Darius Kalvaitis and Liz Heffernan (Ages 6-12; GT92)

Local Lore, by Patrick Keegan (Ages 10-14; GT90)

Localism as a Guiding Framework for Schoolsby Sheila Giesbrecht (Ages 6-14; GT89)

First Person Singular: Documenting Climate Change Through First-Person Narratives, by Lauren G. McClanahan (Ages 10-19; GT88)

Bringing Children Back to Nature, by Janet Barlow (Ages 5-13; GT88)

Last Child in the Woods, First Book in the Field, by Mike Weilbacher (All Ages; GT87)

From Seals to Snails: Understanding Eelgrass, by Nora Beem, Michael Dufilho and Frederick Short (Ages 10-14; GT87)

Earth Alive!, by Judy Wearing (Ages 10-14; GT86)

Creating Earth Adventures: Self-Guided Programs to Connect Children with Nature, by Alan Warner (Ages 6-12; GT85)

Environmental Writing Projects: Empowering Students, Documenting the Natural World, by Jan D. Wellik (Ages 12-19; GT85)

Pedal-Power Outreach, by Courtney Howard (All ages; GT85)

Making Natural Connections, by Susan Pass and Christine Mosley (Ages 6-12; GT85)

Imagine: Ecology and Teacher Educationby Veronica Gaylie (All Ages; GT84)

Nature Mapping, by Mark Batcheler (All Ages; GT84)

School Food Gardens in Multicultural Inner-city Settings, by Sunday Harrison (All Ages; GT84)

Urban Gardening Renaissance, by Krystyann Krywko (All Ages; GT84)

Stormwater Runoff: Understanding the Ecological Impacts of Changing Land Uses, by Joan Chadde (Ages 10-14; GT83)

The TREK Program, by Antony Blaikie (Ages 13-19; GT83)

Student Experts in Community Character, by Linda L. Rulison (Ages 10-14; GT82)

Using the Arts to Reclaim Community Pride, by Angie Cook (Ages 10-19: GT82)

Community Appearance: Opportunities in the Inner City, by Rebekah Greenwald (Ages 10-19; GT82)

Building with Nature, by Rosemary Martin-Moore (Ages 6-10; GT82)

Growing an Endangered Plants Network, by Jennifer Ceska, Anne Shenk and Carolyn Mahar (All Ages; GT81)

Roots of Diversity: Growing Culturally Significant Plants, by Allan Foster (All Ages; GT81)

A Recipe for Outdoor Classroom Management, by Darius Kalvaitis (All Ages; GT81)

Last Child in the Woods? Treating Nature-Deficit Disorder at a High School Winter Camp, by Claude Doucette, David Kowalewski and Peggy Ransom (Ages 13-19; GT80)

Growing Art in School Gardens, by Hilary Inwood (Ages 6-12; GT80)

A Date with Freddie Kudzu (Ages 10-19; GT79)

Sustaining Outdoor Classrooms, by Amanda Kail (All Ages; GT79)

Something’s Choking Auntie Elm, (Ages 10-14; GT79)

Georgia’s Outdoor Classroom Symposium, by Karen Garland (All Ages; GT79)

The Field of Dreams (and other outdoor classroom myths), by Karan Wood (Ages 6-14; GT79)

A Permaculture School Garden, by Patrick Praetorius (All Ages; GT78)

Reading the Landscape, by Janice Schnake Greene (Ages 6-14: GT78)

Leaving ‘Leave No Trace’ Behind: Towards a Holistic Land Use Ethic, by David Moskowitz, Darcy Ottey (All Ages; GT78)

Please Touch, by Anita Sanchez (Ages 4-10; GT77)

The ‘Who Am I?’ Project, by David Rude (Age 10-14; GT77)

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